Thursday, 4 June 2009

Pelican - very very nearly nailed it...

I wasn't even going to set up the gear last night but the forecast and skies looked to be clearing so I set up ACP for 4 hours on the Pelican with a start time of 2330BST and went to bed.... 3.5 hours of data were good before dawn. NELM went to 5.7 so it obviously was clear and it was clear this morning when I got up. Run finshed, mount parked.
So this is 10 x 15mins Ha, binned 2 x 2. 16"LX200R @ f6.3 (2540mm)/ML3200ME/Astrodon 6nM Guided with Lodestar/FS102 at 820mm.
I have a guiding issue to sort still - there is clearly something not tracking right as the stars were oval (and consistant across the image). I have had to use a bit of 'after processing' to tidy up the stars and unfortunately it's left artifacts around them.Still - it's the first time I've done this subject with big-eye and it's great to get 'up close'!

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